About Us

KerisPak initiated the idea to 'promote Pakistani products' and to provide jobs for 'men and women to work from home'. KerisPak has provided jobs such as tailors, embroidery and designing for the divorced, widow and poor womens; or men who are good in these area's and wanted to get a job to run their family. Kerispak is here to help them by selling, advertising their designed & stitched clothes from this website.

KerisPak will highlight the Pakistani products to the world. Since, Pakistan is exporting rice, kinnows, mangoes, furniture, cotton fiber, cement, tiles, marble, textiles, clothing, leather goods, sports goods (renowned for footballs/soccer balls), software, chicken, powdered milk, wheat and seafood. But we believe, still a lot of things can be introduced which are unknown to the world that are made at small level in Pakistan and people don't have resource to advertise it. Therefore, KerisPak has initiated this idea to help those people which don't have enough resources to start their business. KerisPak will help to promote their business with free of charge. By doing this, not only the people of Pakistan can earn money but it also motivate others to work hard and to support their family, children and help in the economic of Pakistan. 

KerisPak Slogan:  Pakistan Can

Moreover, if some fashion designers or fashion industry people or a company looking for a man/women power in the relevant areas they can contact us. We would like to work for them and greatly appreciated their kind help and support.